Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pre-Wedding Family Fun!

My husband and I just returned from a glorious week in Utah to celebrate the wedding of our daughter to the man that quite simply, as she says, "completes her." In the run up to the wedding we spent several days together as a family with our children, their spouses and their children and it was one of the best weeks of my life. Why did it have to end? I would go back but everyone has now gone home and life has moved on. I know that is a good thing but sometimes it takes a few days to adjust.

I will have pictures of wedding festivities in a few days but until then, here are some photos of our family time.  Priceless!

My little cutie-pie!  She is just the happiest baby.
This is one smiley baby girl!
Holy smokes.  Look at those blue eyes!  
Mr. Smiley.  This is one happy boy!
Everybody loves Aunt Lizzie.
Riding the train - the most exciting part of the trip for some!
The talker - I LOVED conversing with him about everything!
The charmer - so sweet.
Cousins sharing their toys - a sweet sight to see.
Grandpa was supposed to be wearing these two down but I think it was the other way around!
We are a happy family!

We ended our week here at the Salt Lake Temple with our sweet Jennifer Marie Meng and her prince, Richard Scott Frost and his family.  Wait until you see the pictures - Stunning!

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