Friday, July 25, 2014

It's A Wonderful Life - Stop And Take Notice!

Life is good.  Think about those words for a moment and think about all the good in your life and block out all the bad or negative.  Considering the times and all the awful things that are going on in the world right at this moment, and there is a lot, take just a moment and think about all the wonderful things about this life we are living.  There is so much.

This is what I saw the other morning as I was driving to work in my little town in Central Pennsylvania.  A small quiet college town that is just like this most summer mornings before people are up and about and then in the fall and winter it is alive with townies AND college students.  Sun peeking through the tree branches, a warm breeze blowing and the chirping of birds is what I am enjoying as I drive down this beautiful street. One of those moments that you have to just stop and take notice.

While driving down this street I couldn't help but think that even though I am always worrying about and thinking about each one of my kids, their spouses and children; stressed beyond belief with things at work; thinking about things I need to take care of at home and my Church responsibilities that this life is pretty great. There really isn't much more that could make this life more wonderful for me.  What's so great?

1.  I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and I recognize Him as my Savior.
2.  I have a husband who loves me and is my best friend.
3.  I have 4 great kids who are 4 of the 5 best things that have ever happened to me.
4.  I have two wonderful and beautiful daughters in law.
5.  I have 2 handsome grandsons and a BEAUTIFUL grandaughter!
6.  I have a wonderful extended family that I draw strength from each day.

There are so many other things I could list that describe how very good I have it in life but these 6 are the most important to me.

Stop where you are right now and take notice of all the good in your life.  Even if you feel like things are falling down around you, there is good and you can find it. Just stop and take notice!

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