Monday, July 28, 2014

National Sewing Month Is Coming Up - Who Knew?

Hello, my sewing friends!  Since I have been getting back into sewing I started wondering, for some odd reason, if there was a National Sewing Month and guess what?  There is!  There is a month for everything else so why wouldn't there be a month for sewing?

I found this great infographic over at that gives some fun tid bids of information about sewing that I thought were interesting. Who knew the history behind the expression, "The whole nine yards?" Not me!

On September 21, 1982, President Ronald Reagan, at the request of the American Home Sewing Craft Association that supports the sewing and crafting industries under Proclamation #4976, declared September as National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.” 

Over the years there were other Proclamations naming September as National Sewing Month and those Proclamations stated that “Tens of millions of Americans sew at home. Their efforts demonstrate the industry, the skill and the self-reliance which are so characteristic of this Nation.”  Way to go, you dedicated seamstresses!

If you are spending some time behind your sewing machine or serger today or doing any kind of craft that involves sewing, good for you! When I am sewing, I am relaxed and oh so happy and I could certainly use a little more relaxed in my life!

Happy Sewing! 

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