Wednesday, June 25, 2014


April!   Welcome to the family!  You are oh so tiny and it will be a while before you understand the joy of your birth but I want you to know a few things about the day you were born.  I wasn't there but I can tell you that I was thinking about you all day and I felt like I was there.  You should know some of the thoughts and feelings that surrounded you that day so that you will know how much your family loves you and how much they looked forward to your arrival on this earth.  It is important that you know how much you were wanted, to know what everyone was feeling when you were born and how wonderful and complete you have made everything for them.  

You should know, 

the joy and relief of your mother who has loved and cared for her little one from the moment she knew she was expecting you.  She was sick, tired, and oh so hungry some days but for her, it was all worth it.  And on the day you were born, she was joyful!

You should know how much your daddy loved you and how excited he was to have a daughter.  The day you were born he said, "She is perfect and so pretty.  I love her so much!"

You should know the wonderment of your big brother, Ben.  For months he scampered around the room singing your name and poking mommy's tummy whenever someone asked where April was.

You should know the love and joy of your brother who adores the mother you share.  He has had mommy all to himself for a while so he will now need to share her with you.  This may be hard for him so be patient.  He is a good boy and he will learn!

You should know that Ben and Daddy enjoyed those first few moments and just soaked it all in - the men of the family.  

The two have a very special bond between them but your spot is already set in their hearts.  They made room for you a long time ago!

  You should know that Ben tenderly kissed you on your birthday and realized that you are real!  He will be your protector, your friend, your playmate and he will be an example for you.  Watch him closely because he is good and kind like your mommy and daddy - he will help to show you the way.

Most of all you should know that you are 

a blessing to your family.  

You are beautiful.

You are loved!

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