Monday, June 23, 2014

Five Generic Products That Are Just As Good As The Name Brands - These Will Save You Money!

Have you ever walked into a store and the minute you step through the door you start to feel sick to your stomach because you know that you are going to have to spend money that you don't have on products that are over priced?  The problem is you need them.  I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me and for the longest time I thought that name brand was the only way to go.  Sure, there are some things you just don't want to skimp on like catsup or peanut butter but the majority of generic products in any given store can be substituted safely and inexpensively.  Here are five generic products I have found to be just as good as the name brands.

Drain Cleaner (Walmart) - $.98
Yikes!  I hate it when the plumbing gets clogged.  Whether it is a toilet, bathtub or sink, it is annoying and I immediately start to see dollar signs because I think that I am going to have to pay a plummer.  A few weeks ago my bathroom sink became so clogged that I went to work in the morning and when I got home that evening, my sink was still clogged.  Yuck.  I knew that buying a name brand product would be anywhere from $4.00 to $6.00 but I just couldn't see pouring that down the drain.  I tried cleaning it out with a hanger (not always a great idea) but it really didn't help much.

While I was looking through all the different drain cleaning products at Walmart I ran across a product called Mr. Plummer Drain Opener.  I was skeptical because it was only $.98.  That's right $.98 was the total cost for a 32 oz. bottle of drain cleaner!  I thought for that much money, it was probably more water than anything else and the odds of it doing much were pretty slim but $.98 versus $6.74 - it was worth a try!

After going home and pouring 1/2 the bottle into the standing water as the instructions stated, letting it sit for 30 minutes and then running the hot water for only two minutes or so, it completely unclogged and it remains clear!  Now I understand that this isn't always going to work and that some clogs are pretty bad and require more attention than just pouring drain cleaner into the sink but if I don't have to, I will NEVER overpay for drain cleaner again.

Dryer Sheets (Giant) - $1.50 (on sale!)
Anyone who knows me well knows that doing laundry is my favorite chore and I am very particular about what I use to clean my clothes.  As times have gotten more tight though I have found no-name laundry products that work just as well as the name brand products.  I am still very particular about what I use to wash my clothes but dryer sheets are pretty much all the same, save some smell a little better than others! This box was 120 sheets and regularly sells for $3.29 but I had a store coupon and it was on sale so I only paid $1.50.  I LOVE when I find a good deal!

A plus to any dryer sheets - You can use them for so many other things.  Don't tell anyone because this is really embarrassing but I keep one in my desk at work in a zip lock bag and pull it out when my hair starts to get static electricity in it.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Walmart) - $1.38
As with the drain cleaner above, why should you spend a ton of money on something that is going to go down your drain?  Yes, you need to disinfect and get things super clean in your toilet area but if you compare the ingredients in the cleaners, they are pretty much the same.  This 28 oz. bottle lasts me about 3 months at my house so for $1.38, that's not bad!

Aloe Gel (Walmart) - $4.00
$4.00 sounds like a lot of money but aloe gel last a long time and name brand products are usually double the price of this bottle right here.

If you have people in your house with fair skin, you should really have a bottle of aloe gel in your house.  But it is good for so many things, I thought I would list just a few right here.  I know, this isn't a post about aloe gel but good information is good information so here is a little bonus for you!  Here are just a few things aloe gel is good for:

1.    Takes the sting out of insect bites or itching
2.    Reduces tissue damage from frostbite
3.    Helps to fight athletes foot
4.    Swab over blisters for quick relief
5.    Used as a moisturizer for dry skin
6.    Helps to prevent scarring and stretch marks
7.    Use aloe to give yourself a pedicure!
8.    Treats acne
9.    Speed up hair growth by rubbing it into your scalp
10.  Sunburn relief

In our house we mostly use it for the last thing on my list - sunburns.  Gently apply aloe gel to a sunburn and it will immediately cool and provide relief to your sun kissed family member!

Tip for storing aloe gel - When you purchase it, keep it in the refrigerator.  It prolongs the life of the gel which saves you even more money.

Aspirin (Walmart) - $3.64
Based on the fact that at least half the products in the pharmacy section of your store are generic is a pretty good sign that they are a safe, economical and popular way to treat every day ailments.  In our house we like to go back and forth between the different types of pain reliever for our recurring ailments and aspirin is one of them.  This bottle of 500 tablets is $3.64 and it lasts a long time.  When choosing over-the-counter medicines I always go through all the bottles to make sure I get the one with the best expiration date.  Yes, I am one of those annoying people at the store you do not want to shop after!  I don't leave a mess but I do go through each package.  Sorry.

I am not advocating for any store or any particular generic brand.  I live in Central Pennsylvania and there are not a lot of shopping options for me so I have to make do with what I have here.  I have found lots of great products at stores like Family Dollar and Aldi as well so make sure that you check out everything in your area.

Happy Deal Making Today!

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  1. I was discussing this with my family not long ago, so many people are obsessed with branding. It's crazy that if you do your research, you can find exactly the same products for a fraction of the price. Not many people believe me when I tell them though, at least I save money by being clued up on advertising techniques!

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing


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