Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Boys

Look at those faces.  I remember taking this picture years ago and thinking how nice it was that they would remain my little babies for a long time and that I would have years to enjoy them.  Full of life and energy, and so much snap, crackle and pop!  I enjoyed these little boys and they were so good, although I remember being tired all the time as much as I remember their sweetness!  But it was the best tired that you can imagine.  I cherish those days and the time we had together because in my mind, nothing sounded more wonderful than my little ones calling out my name for help, to share something or just for my attention.  Tiring days but the best days, for sure.

Here they are now, well a few years ago but all the same, they are just the best boys I could have ever asked for.  Kind, considerate, loving, good husbands, great fathers and providers, knowledgeable in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and good sons.  They have brought Max and I so much joy and happiness and we are grateful every day that we have two sons named Matthew and Alex.

We love you!

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