Monday, December 9, 2013

What's On My Mind?

I, like everyone else, have had a lot on my mind lately.  It's not surprising considering all that is going on in the world right now and the time of year.  What have I been thinking about?  Well, so many different things and so I thought it would be fun to make a list of all the things that I think about for one day.  So today, I made a list of EVERYTHING that crossed my mind! 

This is a long list and it is in no particular order but other than things that I thought about at work (and there are a few work things on here) these are all the thoughts I had today.  In fact, it was hard to remember to write everything down so a few times I had to go back and jot down the things I didn't write down.  A result of this exercise is that I realized that it is a wonder I get anything done during the day when you consider all the things that have run across my mind! 

Try not to laugh at some of the silly and insignificant things I have listed as this is truly a list off the top of my head.

1.    It's cold in my house in the morning.
2.    Pray that all the kids are healthy and happy.
3.    Pray that my husband finds success today.
4.    I need to schedule a meeting with a colleague at work.
5.    Pray that Elizabeth does well in her classes.
6.    The car needs new front tires and the heater fixed. (preferably the tires first)
7.    I need to pick up more potatoes. (Idaho has REAL potatoes)
8.    Is my second grandson taking his first steps today?
9.    Is my first grandson taking it easy on his mommy today?
10.  I need to vacuum my house.
11.  I wish I had time to do the laundry today.  (My favorite chore to do)
12.  I don't like politics but I realize it is important.
13.  I'm excited that Texas Roadhouse is building a restaurant down the road!
14.  Work on blog today.
15.  I need to start wrapping Christmas presents.
16.  I need to iron. ( I DON'T like ironing)
17.  I love this time of year.
18.  I miss my sisters.
19.  Hang up my clothes when I get home tonight.
20.  Pay bills
21.  Talk to my husband about Christmas plans.
22.  I want to see Disney's "Saving Mr. Banks."
23.  Read scriptures
24.  I wish I hadn't answered that phone call.
25.  Two weeks off at Christmas?  Yay for me!
26.  I have no reason to complain about anything.
27.  Is Ben going to welcome a brother or a sister?
28.  Did I turn my flattening iron off this morning?
29.  Turn the heat up when I get home.
30.  Clean up my email.
31.  I wish all the kids and grandkids were coming home for Christmas.
32.  I love Christmas music
33.  I need to clean the bathrooms
34.  What are my grandsons doing right now?
35.  Have faith that things will work out
36.  My next door neighbors are very noisy.
37.  I need to color my hair.
38.  Remember to pray for others tonight.
39.  Why is my office so cold?
40.  I really do love the people I work with.
41.  Be patient.
42.  Show appreciation to everyone.
43.  Send a birthday message to high schcool friend.
44.  Wash the dishes tonight.
45.  A slice of apple pie sounds really good right now.
46.  Can't wait to go to the Bucknell Candlelight Service.
47.  I hope I don't get sick again before Christmas.
48.  Get the Christmas decorations out tonight.
49.  Ask my boss if there is anything she needs help with this week.
50.  Does the car need gas?
51.  Make a list of things to do for Christmas
52.  Pray that Jennifer is safe out west.
53.  Add chocolate chips and green onions to the grocery list.
54.  Continue to be patient.
55.  I love the bunn warmers in our 1991 Volvo.
56.  Fisher Price Chatter Phone.
57.  Thomas the Tank Engine.
58.  I really should start exercising.
59.  I really don't like to exercise.
60.  I wish I could thank Sister Boyer for her great example to me.
61.  I will be ready for spring the day after New Years Day.
62.  Who can I help today?
63.  I wish I still had Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner tonight!
64.  I'm thankful for a warm and comfortable bed to sleep in.

So that is my list from today.  It is odd, I know but these really are the thoughts that were bouncing around in my head in one day.  No wonder I am so tired every night.  My brain has had a workout! 

So comment below and let me know what some of your thoughts are on any given day that might be different from mine.  Do you have odd and out of the blue thoughts throughout the day or is it just me?

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