Saturday, December 7, 2013

To-Do Lists - Who Needs Them?

I started thinking about lists last week when I was making my cherished Thanksgiving meal menu (list) in preparation for the big day.  It isn't a complicated list and really, it doesn't change much over the years.  But as I said last week it is an important list and it doesn't feel like a holiday if it isn't hanging on my refrigerator.

There are other lists that are important to me as well and help me to keep my life in order.  Life is so precious and I never want to waste one minute of it.  I suppose over the years, I have wasted a lot of time and for that, I feel regret.  But keeping my life in check with lists frees up precious time to do those important things that I don't want to miss.

If you would have asked me 20 years ago how I was keeping track of things that I needed to do on a daily basis I would have said that I kept a list in my mind.  I never used to like lists because I believed that in the time it would take to write something down, I could just do it.  Crazy, I know because who can remember EVERYTHING that they need to do on any given day?  Definitely not me!

Free Printable from 

I have evolved into someone who now makes lists of everything.  Not only do I make lists of everything, I make lists everywhere!  I have lists on:

My Computer

SmartSheet - a project management tool that helps me keep track of projects.

Gmail Task Lists - to keep track of things I need to do every day.

     Gmail Contact List - to keep track of important personal contact information
 Gmail Calendar - to keep track of important birthdays and other dates.

Excel - to keep track of bills that need to be paid, blog ideas and Church projects.

My Cell Phone

Wunderlist - app that lets you make any kind of list you want!  Grocery list, work lists, movies to watch (do I really need a list for this?) wishlist, house chores, and then you can create any other old list you want. 

 Santa's Bag - app for Christmas presents that does everything from keep track of people, gifts, budget, stores, on-line orders,  and more.

You can of course just use a plain old piece of paper and I do this all the time.  But why would you want to when there are so many free options on line of paper lists that are so pretty?  I never pay for anything so I just look until I find something for free that I like.  If you have to make a list, why not make it creative, functional and beautiful! 

Free printable from  This list pretty much covers your whole day or whole week.

Free printable from  This list lets you put time limits on your lists.  And look how cute it is!

Free printable from  Fall To-Do List - a great list to help you transition from summer to fall activities.

Free printable from  Spring To-Do List - a very thorough list for spring cleaning.  This is a long list though and I'm not sure how much I would get done.

Free printable from   Great ideas to do with the kids or grandkids over the summer.

So grab a piece of paper, turn on your computer or pick up your phone and find a fun way to start a great To-Do List today.  I think you will find that unlike I previously believed that you will have more time to do the things you really want and need to do.

Happy To-Doing! 

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  1. Love this I so need to be more organized. thanks for the link to the printables.


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