Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Nice Surprise in the Middle of May

I knew that after Jennifer graduated from college she would be ready to bolt.  She had worked so hard in school and was ready to start her life - outside of Pennsylvania.  I knew this all along and I was actually prepared for it but I didn't know that it would happen so quickly and that before I would have to say goodbye to her, I would get to say hello to my two sweet little grandsons!  What a treat for me. 

The rolling hills of beautiful Western Pennsylvania at 6:30 a.m. on Friday, May 17, 2013

Jennifer taking a picture - while we were parked on Interstate 80 for 45 minutes.  FULL DISCLOSURE - SHE WAS NOT DRIVING!

Jennifer and I hopped in a car early Friday  morning and headed west on Interstate 80.  By about 11:15 p.m. that night we were standing in Alex and Leanna's apartment in Omaha, Nebraska.  We were exhausted but so happy to be there, and out of the car, and to be able to spend just a few short but sweet hours with them.  We didn't get to see much of Alex but really, who is the star of that show?  That's right, Grant!

Grant (Superfly) Alexander Meng.  He is so stylin!

And Sundays are pretty good for him too.  He just looks darling in anything he wears.

Isn't he just beautiful?  Jennifer and I spent the morning with Leanna and Grant as Alex had to head off to work.  We held him, fed him and talked to him while he played on the floor.  He is really starting to communicate and react to people and he smiles a lot.  He looks a lot like his mama which I think is a good thing because she is beautiful!  I wish they lived closer but they are right where they are supposed to be and I have always believed that it is important for new families to be on their own - away from EVERYONE - so that they can start their own life without too much interference.  Although I do appreciate the fact that they answer the phone whenever I call!

Just chillin on Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Not the best picture of me but hey, just up with no make-up on.  Sweet Grant!

We then headed off to Provo, Utah where Jennifer had secured an apartment for the summer.  We listened to country music most of the way across the country and it was actually pretty fun.  I don't think that country music is quite the same as it used to be but it was fun all the same.  We used our cell phones as a GPS, checked them for cheap gas prices on GasBuddy along the way and of course took pictures.  It was a long but fun trip and gave us the opportunity to talk which was so very nice.

The day after we arrived in Provo, look who came to see us.  None other than Ben!  Matthew, Melissa and Ben showed up at our hotel and we spent the morning with them and then drove over to my brother-in-law Mark and his wife Becky's home to see them and their little cutie pie Melody, their son Zachary (also just the cutest baby boy with the most beautiful blue eyes) and my mother-in-law who is also wonderful! 

Matthew sent me these pictures yesterday so I decided to pop them in here.  They are just too cute and most of the time I had my phone going on our trip, I was taking videos rather than pictures.  RATS!  Anyway, here is Benjamin Bunny!

Ben playing at a friends pool.  I love his outfit!

I love the water beads on his face.  I wonder if daddy was splashing him!

Ben is such a good combination of his mommy and daddy here.  And that happy part comes from both of them.  He can't go wrong with parents like these.

The next morning we moved Jennifer into her new apartment, purchased the things she would need for her fresh start and then spent the evening with my sister Kathy, her daughter Shea and her beautiful grandaughters Cadance and Brinlee.  So much fun!  I don't get to see my siblings very often so when I do get the chance, I try to make time stand still so that I can cherish every moment. 

The last day of my unexpected trip was spent with my friend Mandi.  What a joy it was to see her again.  We went to lunch, hung out and talked most of the day and also spent some time with her husband Cliff and her daghters.  We had dinner that night at their house and talked some more.  It was the best way to end my trip out west.   The next morning I sobbed as I said goodbye to Mandi at the airport, hugged Jennifer like I would never let her go and I hopped on a plane to head back to Pennsylvania.

Me and my bud, Mandi.

Now I am home and another bedroom is empty - well except for the mess Jennifer left behind.  But we move on to the next chapter.  Trying to enjoy the last year of Elizabeth's college years and finding out what is in store for Max and I and our extended family.  Hopefully, more visits in the upcoming year so that we can continue to enjoy our children and get to know our grandchildren.

I love you all!


  1. Those grandbabies are so cute. The first one of Ben in the pool - his look looks just like June! They must be related! :)


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