Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Top Ten List

Where have I been the last five monthes?  Well life has been crazy in the Pennsylvania Meng home but it has all been good.  I won't go into details because good grief, we have been busy and at this point, it would all be boring news.  But life is good and it is full and there is so much to be thankful for.  Not just because it is November but because life is a blessing!

For the last few weeks I have been reading all the expressions of thanks that my FaceBook friends have posted each day and I have marveled at the varied recognitions of thankfulness and it has been heartwarming to read these posts and think about my own thankful heart.  Mine is very large this year!

Like everyone else, I have so much to be thankful for and I could also list each day something that I am greatful for but I thought I would do something fun this year since this will be the last year I can do this particular type of posting.  I have decided to do a top 10 list and actually, it works out perfectly this year only!  I have 10 things this year to list that are key to my happiness and help to shape how I live my life each day.  Get ready for Becky's Top Ten List of Things She is Thankful For!  Keep in mind that these are not necessarily in order

1.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ  The cornerstone of my life.  In all that I have ever done, said or acted upon, I have tried to remember this very important fact - that I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me and everyone around me.  This has not always been easy but I have kept at the top of my mind and my heart the remembrance that all things are possible because of a loving Father and the sacrifice of His son.  Even in the most simple and basic of daily happenings, this must be remembered.

2.  My Husband  The rock in my life.  We have been together since I was almost 19 and other than my baptism day and my 16th birthday, Max has been with me for every other important day of my life.  Life has not always been easy but my history is his and we continue to move through this life together - side by side.  He is my rock but also my safe place to fall. 

3.  Matthew  My firstborn.  From the moment he was born, Matthew has been one of the happiest people I have ever known.  He is fun to be with because even if you are doing the most mundane and maybe even uninteresting thing, Matthew can make it fun and exciting.  He sees the joy and goodness in all things and in all people.  Who wouldn't want to be around somethone like that all the time?

4.  Melissa  Matthew's sweetheart.  Melissa is the perfect partner for Matthew.  They have so many of the same interests and she compliments him so well.  And if she doesn't seem interested, she is very tender in her expressions of dislike!  She is a patient, calm and loving force in Matthew's life and I couldn't have picked a better person for my firstborn! 

5.  Ben  The first grandson.  There is no way to describe the excitement and love of a grandchild coming into your life and the world does indeed stop when you see them not just the first time but every time!  Max and I live for the evenings we get to talk to Ben and see what he has learned over the past week.  He is darling. 

6.  Alex  My second son.  The quiet type who is ever dependable.  One day I asked Alex why he didn't speak up more when people were expressing their opinion and he told me that when he had something to say, people would hear him.  Not only will you hear him but you will hear the truth from a kind and gentle person that will defend you to his last breath.  This I am sure of.   

7.  Leanna  Sweet Leanna.  A match for Alex if there ever was one!  Leanna is a gentle balance to Alex and provides an anchor that he needs.  Strong for him when she sees he needs it, nurturing when she knows he does not feel well and direct when she knows she needs to set him straight!  I love that Leanna is a balance in all things for their family.  And, she is devoted to Grant - you can see it in her eyes.

8.  Grant  Mr. Energy.  The weekends don't come fast enough and not because we are looking foward to days off but because we get to see Grant!  Nothing stops the clock like seeing Grant or hearing his sweet voice on the phone.  He is so full of life and energy and I don't want to miss one minute of it.  A cutie pie!

9.  Jennifer  My Happy Girl!  Like Matthew, Jennifer is usually a pretty happy and positive person.  She is creative, joyful and fun to be around and really wants to get the most out of life.  When she was a little girl she loved wearing dresses, couldn't go for more than 5 minutes without looking into her little purse and loved her patent leather dress shoes.  Now she is rocking climbing, surfing and hiking any chance she gets.  Taking full advantage of life - I'm so happy for her.

10.  Elizabeth  My baby girl.  Sweet and loving but also my funny girl.  Since the day she was born, Elizabeth has been such a light in my life.  Since she was born with very red hair we always thought she would have a fiery personality but that never happened.  Calm and quiet most of the time, Elizabeth brings a calm into any room she enters.  Her friends might disagree but that is how she has been in our home.  I love being around her.   And, she is beautiful!

At the beginning of this holiday season, I am greatful for my Top 10 list and the blessings that I enjoy every day.  I don't have a lot but I do have everything!  Happy Thanksgiving! 

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