Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Most Comfortable Place to Take A Nap

This is what I came home to today.  I never get tired of seeing one of my kids asleep on the couch.  Each one of my kids has spent more than a few hours on this couch in the sweet activity of snoozing away an unknown amount of hours.  They have all done it - Matthew, Alex, Jennifer and Elizabeth.  To me it means they are tired from a day of hard work, that they have given it all they have and they came home to the place they feel most comfortable and have just given it all up!

This is Jennifer and she will appreciate that I took the pictures of her before she uncovered her face!  She is my 22 year old beauty who will be graduating from college next month and she has worked so very hard to get to this point in her life.  The last few weeks she has spent many hours and late nights at school finishing up projects and assignments to meet her graduation requirements and it has been a challenging but exciting time for her.  I am so proud of her!

I am so glad that for the remaining weeks that she will be in our home that she feels comfortable falling asleep anywhere she wants when she is here.  She doesn't have to be alone in her room in her own bed.  She is just as comfortable on the couch in the middle of it all as she would be in the peace and quiet of her own room.  I hope she can still breath with her face tucked into the pillow like that!

This couch has enjoyed many an afternoon and early evening nap!

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