Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Wait Is Over. Yipeeeee!

Here he is!  Let me introduce you to Grant Alexander Meng born Thursday, February 8 weighing in at 7 lbs 10 ozs and measuring 20 inches long.  He is a beautiful baby and of course, look at that head of hair! 

 Grant Alexander Meng

Alex texted us on Thursday morning to let us know that they had checked into the hospital, Leanna had received her epidural (thank heavens!) and they were waiting for her water to break.  Leanna's mother had arrived in Omaha from Pennsylvania the day before so she had made it just in time to be there for the baby's birth.  Yay!

Of course, the rest of the day I couldn't think of anything but what was going on in Oamaha!  After several hours of not hearing anything, I texted Alex again at around 1:15 p.m. to see if everything was okay.  Matthew had the same thought because he had texted at the very same time as well.  Alex responded back shortly after saying that Leanna was now pushing!  We knew then that it would only be a matter of a time and the baby would be here.  The wait was truly unbearable!

Matthew asked for more photos and Alex sent this one and entitled it a "full body shot."

At 2:26 p.m. we finally heard from Alex when he texted us that the baby was 7 lbs 10 oz and that he was 20 inches long.  I was so excited and Matthew was ecstatic too!  I was calling Max to give him the details each time I received a piece of information but he was working so it was hard to get ahold of him.  Shortly after we got the news that the baby was born and that Leanna was also good, we started getting pictures and videos left and right, which we were happy about.  I love technology so that I can keep connected to those that are far away. Why couldn't we have had some of these great tools when Max and I were having kids?

 Wearing mommy's Penn State hat in preparations for his ride home from the hospital.

After two days of rest and help from nurses at the hospital, Alex and Leanna took baby Grant home.  With his Penn State hat on and riding in his new car seat, he was ready to go!

 This looks like Grant's first smile but it is probably just gas!  Doesn't he look happy to be here?

Here is Grant with his beautiful Mama before heading home from the hospital.

So now he is here and I can relax!  Not that I had anything to be anxious about, just excited.  I will be going out to see them in two weeks and I can't wait.   

Baby Grant in his new bed.  It is gigantic compared to him, as Elizabeth would say.  Man, she is going to be so excited to see this little sweetie pie!

The only thing that would make it better would be if Ben was there too. I sure miss this little guy!

Being a grandparent is so great.  I haven't been with Ben for such a long time and I won't see Grant that often either but just like my kids, I LIVE to watch them grow and get to know them.  The love I feel in my heart for these two little boys is amazing.  I can't wait until they can meet!  That will be a fun day for Matthew, Melissa, Alex and Leanna!

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