Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring, Spring, Spring!

I don't know about you but I am ready for Spring.  We have had a few days of very nice weather here in Central Pennsylvania and I want it to stay.  I am in that spring cleaning, organizing neat and tidy mood.  I hope it lasts for a while because I am getting a lot done!

When I think of Spring I think of happiness.  I think of the earth going through a renewal process and how everything seems new again with all that is budding and the happy sounds and the fresh and delicious aromas of Spring.  It is such a happy thought that the earth renews itself each Spring and that those things that have seen a season of wear and tear are now becoming new again.  What a miracle!

Speaking of miracles, here is an update on sweet Baby Grant. On Friday, March 8th Grant was admitted back into the hospital for treatment of dehydration and other issues. Since the day of his birth on Thursday, February 28, he had lost nearly 2 pounds so the doctors readmitted him to get him rehydrated, lower his sodium levels and try to get him back to his birth weight. At the time of this writing, he is back up to over 6 lbs and his dehydration and sodium levels are getting back to normal levels. Thank heavens!

Grant and his mommy. 

Baby Grant just chillin' with his mommy, daddy and Grandma Pat at the hospital.

 Sweet feet!  He has had a few pokes in his feet at the hopsital but they are still beautiful feet.  He has very large feet, Alex and Leanna say.

Can't have an update either without mentioning sweet Ben.  He is also doing well and having fun each day keeping his mommy and daddy busy.  He is the light of their lives, and ours, and we love every single picture and video that Matthew and Melissa send us.

Little Ben watching his daddy play a computer game.  Alex saw this picture and said it reminded him of when he was a kid and had to watch Matthew play Sonic.  Silly Alex!

I wish that just talking about spring would make it come but apparently it is supposed to get back to into the 30s where we live so I most likely won't waste my breath talking anymore about the weather.  I hope that wherever you are that you are having a beautiful spring day and that things are starting to sprout, bloom and bud wherever you may be!


  1. SO GLAD to hear Grant is doing so much better now! He is a cutie.

  2. I didn't realize he was born on February 28th! He's a leap year baby, right?


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