Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Joy In Living

Since the last few weeks have been joyous and hopeful for my family with the birth of a new grandson, I have been all consumed with my own little world and concentrating on these precious moments that are so fleeting.  I want to take a deep breath, and inhale all this joy and the love that I feel for not only Grant but for Alex and Leanna and the joy they have brought to our whole family.  How do I remember and keep in my heart the moment when I heard the heavenly news that Grant Alexander Meng was born and was healthy and in good care with his loving parents?  I'm not sure that can be captured and bottled up - but if it can, I will figure it out!

And of course there is the other little love of my life, Ben!  Who wouldn't want to live for this guy?

But everyday life is not always so glorious and happy and frankly there are days we might just like to forget.  If you say that you have never felt this way, I might not believe you!  I have always been a pretty happy and positive person but I have had some really tough days myself and I know that it can be oh so hard to pull yourself out of a well of depression and unhappiness.  

Why do we not see the joy in every day living and  the ability to sometimes just make it through the day?  Why do we let go of those precious moments that are so integral to our very existence, sometimes right after they occur,  just because something bad or negative has happened?  I'm not sure but I do know this - we don't have to! 

No matter what our lot in life, we can overcome those challenges and adversities that land in our laps.  We can live each day to the fullest and sing praise to a loving Heavenly Father that we have been given another day to live.  I love the scripture in John 16:33 where Jesus tells of His death and resurrection and gives hope to all as he has overcome the world.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.  In the world ye shall have tribulation:  but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

What a positive, loving message that we can look to when we are facing those everyday trials.  If we can have faith in a loving Heavenly Father, keep a positive attitude and bury ourselves in service to others, we can endure those difficult times and return to those precious, happy moments that bring us the greatest joy.  Hang in there, everybody!

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