Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Young Mothers in My Life

Our first grandchild, Ben in case you didn't know already, will be turning 1 year old next month.  Over the past year, we have spent many hours video chatting with Ben and his parents to try and keep up with all the changes in his first year of life.  I am sure that Matthew and Melissa probably give out a large sigh every time they see my phone number on their phone but I truly do appreciate their answering my calls so that I can get my Ben fix every week!

In probably less than 6 weeks, our next little grandson will be arriving and I am so excited.  Alex and Leanna are going to be great parents and have spent many hours preparing for his arrival in hopes that they will be ready when he gets here.  Are you ever really ready for a new baby?  I am not worried about these two at all!  Here are a few pics of Baby Grant.  He is looking good!

I am so thank for the two young mothers that are having such an impact on my life right now - Melissa and Leanna.  Melissa compliments Matthew so well and she has been a fantastic mother to Benjamin.  I love that she is able to stay home with him and be there for every first and love him and nurture him herself.  I love that she sends me little pictures or videos of Ben now and then so that I can keep up with his progress and not miss anything.

Leanna is due in about 6 weeks and she has been a trooper!  Up until just recently, she was working but is now at home resting, nesting, you know!  I am so thankful for her goodness, friendship and support of Alex.  It has been fun to talk to Leanna and hear the excitement in her voice as she plans and prepares for Grant's arrival.  She is so confident and strong.  I have no doubt that she will take charge and get things well organized once he is here.  She will be a wonderful mother to Grant.

I look forward to when my own two daughters become mothers but until then, I feel truly blessed that my sons have found the perfect mother's for their children.  I could not have asked for better companions for my boys.  I love you both, Melissa and Leanna!

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