Monday, January 28, 2013

Faith of Our Fathers

Last week Max and I had the fun opportunity to talk to my father on the phone for his 83rd birthday, and we had a wonderful conversation about his early years and growing up in the rugged little town of Belfry, Montana with 11 siblings.  His explanation of how he grew up working hard and taking on responsibilities at a very young age were inspiring.

One story in particular truly touched my heart.  He described how at a very young age he served as the custodian of the building where his family attended Church.  At that time, there was no actual Church building so the Church services were held in the local saloon.  Early each Sunday morning he would go to the building, sweep up all the whiskey bottles and cigarette butts off the floor, and then shut all the windows and doors.  He would then set a large fire in the fireplace to get rid of the smell from the night before and then open the doors and windows to let all the smoke out.  He would then set up the chairs and make the room ready for the Church services.

Dad is the little guy on the left!

Now I am thankful that I have not had to perform such service in order to attend Church.  We currently live in central Pennsylvania and I can honestly say that for the last 11 years, I have done my share of complaining and mumbling about how far we have to travel to get to a Church building but I believe I have learned my lesson.  No more.  I have nothing to complain about.

As I listened to my dad talk about the sacrifices he made to practice his faith, even as a small boy, I gained a great appreciation for his efforts to be responsible and help others have a place to worship on Sunday.  His dedication to his Church job as a young man helped to shape the dependable, faithful father he is to this day. And even more important than that, he taught his children and his grandchildren by his example, of his love and testimony of Jesus Christ and his desire for others to practice their faith as well in a clean, comfortable and holy place - no matter where they live!

I love you, Dad!


  1. This is great. Just spoke with my "aunt' who is 84...I want to record her memories too!

  2. Do you have that picture of Grandpa with his whole family, the one where he looks like Matthew? That would be a fun one to see.


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