Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Who Wouldn't Want Their Birthday to be on Halloween?

Yes, my birthday is on Halloween and I must say that I have always loved it.  And not for the reasons that you might think either.  I enjoyed candy just like every other kid and I also loved that when I told people that it was my birthday that they would make a big deal about it and give me extra candy or sometimes a few extra coins in my trick-or-treat bag!  That was definitely a plus.

I really loved having my birthday on Halloween because I enjoyed all the the fun decorations and ways that people celebrated the day.  Not the scary, creepy and yucky stuff that you see now but the creative ways people found to enjoy the day.  I don't like that it has become this scary day that makes people uncomfortable, although I do understand the origins of the whole thing.  So, I prefer to ignore that and look at the creative and fun ways people have found to enjoy the day.

Take a look below for some neat ideas on how to decorate your home, your food and how to transform everyday products into Halloween fun without scaring off your little neighbor friends who are about to grace your doorstep next week!  Some are very simple and others a little more complicated but they are all ways to enjoy the holiday without causing people stress!  The sources are listed below the photos.  

Polka Dot Pumpkin

If you are creative, paint your pumpkins instead of carving them.  These are adorable and so much less messy!

 Turquoise and Orange Fall Home Tour |

Pop some fall colored flowers into a pitcher that is already placed on a table or other vase.

Use a Sharpie to decorate bags of treats.

Create this cute "BOO" out of cardboard and paint.

3. Sing It: I Want Candy (Corn)

I love these apothecary jars but you can use any sort of glass you like and fill it with beautiful Halloween candycorn, gourds or any other decoration.  I have even seen where people have filled glass or plastic jars with Halloween colored ribbons. 

Handmade Monster House

I wish I would have thought of this when my kids were little.  Why am I always saying that?  Anyway, this is such a simple outdoor decoration that would look great on any house.

Simple Halloween decoration and's so obvious...yet it never crossed my mind! 
Tiffany Barber

Adorable!  Tangarines decorated as pumpkins with a Sharpie.

This might be scary for little ones but it is pretty cute!

Good Houskeeping 

When you scoop out your pumpkin to roast your pumpkin seeds, use the pumpkin as a flower vase.  Also, decorate smaller gourds with thumbtacks as decorations.

Halloween Decorations Candy Corn Soap Dispenser 

Using a triangle shaped soap dispenser, paint it to look like a piece of candy corn.


Cute witch cupcakes.  Cute - not scary!

 Mason Jar Mummy Luminaries
 Cinchy Shopper

Everybody has mason jars and gauze.  All you would need to purchase is the googly eyes!

Turquoise and Orange Fall Home Tour | 
The Turquoise Home

I have seen this done with mason jar lids that are not painted as well and it looks just as nice but a little more rustic. 

If you have a fridge and black paper, you have a ghost. 
Buzzfeed Life 

So easy to do and this won't scare anybody.


This would only take a minute to do.


Grab your kids or grand kids and have them help you with these cute jack-o-lantern luminaries made out of milk jugs.  Kids love to draw!

Halloween Mummy Door 

Again, this would be so simple and you should have the materials around your house to pull this one off.

I really like this one but it would take a little more work and materials to do.  Painting and sanding are involved but if you have the time and the tools, go for it!

So here are a few cute ideas to get you ready for the Halloween holiday.  Give one or two of them a try and if you have a fun idea, please share it below in the comments section.  

And please, everyone - enjoy my birthday!

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