Friday, September 19, 2014

It's the Most Beautiful Time of the Year

It has begun.  The most glorious time of the year is now upon us here in Pennsylvania and I am ready.  There is still about another 3 weeks before you really start to see the vibrant and sharp colors of a Pennsylvania fall but it is coming - I can feel it!  I will share more pictures of the beauty of PA as the season wears on. It's going to be beautiful!

Being from the east coast I have always appreciated the beauty of this place and when I have been away from it, I have missed it.  I have lived on the east coast most of my life where the trees are green and tower over everything and where the rolling hills (or mountains as people call them here) are warm and inviting.  This is home to me.

The other part of my life I lived in the west and oh how I love this part of the country as well. All of my children were born in the west.  Majestic mountains (no doubt, the west has mountains!) and wide open spaces that provide more opportunity for outdoor fun than you could possibly dream up. Breathtaking landscapes and clean air are always in abundance.

But since I am currently living in Pennsylvania and this place is truly loaded with trees, I love sharing what I am seeing - right at this moment.  I love walking downtown but have to remember to look where I am going.  The sidewalks could use some work around here!

I stopped at a park the other day to take a picture or two and while standing on the bank of a local creek saw these beautiful creatures looking at me from across the water.  Such a calming sight.

That is until they all start coming toward me - and not in a quiet manner I might add. It was kind of like a "The Birds" feeling that just came over me.

They literally were waddling right up to me and kept coming.  I had to run for the car!

I think that the leaves are going to be bright and vibrant this year because we have had so much rain.

My phone camera certainly does not do justice to the beauty that is around me but if you look closely you can see the reds starting to really pop in this grove of trees.

Most of them start out a beautiful burgundy color and then change from there.  I love that!

Some turn a beautiful yellow and it makes you feel like summer really isn't so far away.

When I stop to enjoy the beauty that is around me here I am reminded of the love of God for us all and the care that He took to create this beautiful world for us.

Happy Fall, everyone!

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