Monday, September 29, 2014

Chicken and Stuffing in a Crock!

I will start off by stating the obvious about this dish and that is that it is not the most healthy dish to prepare but it is oh so delicious! The recipes I have posted are usually meant for convenience for anyone who just doesn't have time to slave over the stove.  But I realize that I should start posting more healthy recipes so I promise, after this post, I will make a real effort.  I can't promise to refrain from posting yummy desserts though.  

The big chunks of chicken, fluffy stuffing and a creamy sauce combine to make a crock pot meal that satisfies everyone. Along with a nice salad or vegetable, this is a meal that really makes everyone happy.

That's right, just these 4 ingredients and 1/4 cup of water and you will have the most delicious Chicken and Stuffing dinner you have ever had and with very little effort. To make this as short and simple as it actually is to make, here is all you do:

Lay 3 or 4 large thawed Chicken Breasts in the bottom of your crock pot.  I get the large bags of Chicken from Walmart or Sam's Club so each piece is pretty large and it is much more cost effective.  I was only able to fit 3 pieces in my crock.

Pour the Chicken Flavored Stuffing Mix on top of the Chicken, straight from the box. You can also use Corn Bread Stuffing if you like.

This is the only mixing you will have to do - yay!  In a medium mixing bowl add 1/2 Cup of Sour Cream.

Then add 1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup to the bowl.

And this does not even look good or right but add 1/4 water and mix it all together.

This is what you get.  It looks like cake batter, doesn't it?

Dump that whole creamy mixture on top of the stuffing mix and chicken.

Then all you have to do is layer it all out so that the Soup/Sour Cream/Water mixture covers the whole surface of the Stuffing.  Put the lid on your crock and let it cook for 3 to 4 hours on low and then check.

All you have to do at the end is to split up the chicken and mix it all together - gently. You have this hearty, warm and delicious dish that is one of my favorites.  Give it a try!

Chicken and Stuffing in a Crock
3 - 4 large Chicken Breasts, thawed
1 box Chicken Flavored Stuffing Mix
1 can Cream of Chicken Soup
1/2 Cup Sour Cream
1/4 Cup Water

Lay the 3 - 4 thawed Chicken Breasts on the bottom of your crock pot.  Pour the whole package of Chicken Flavored Stuffing Mix over the chicken.  You can use Cornbread Stuffing Mix if you like. Mix 1 can Cream of Chicken Soup, 1/2 Cup of Sour Cream and 1/4 Cup Water until well blended. Pour the cream mixture over the stuffing and level off.  Put the lid on your crock pot and turn on low for 3 - 4 hours.

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