Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fall Decorating Ideas

Put fall flowers in hollowed-out pumpkins for easy outdoor decor. See more outdoor decorating ideas:

This is a great way to present your mums without having to spend money on expensive planters

I know it's not fall yet but it is right around the corner and it is my favorite time of the year.  I love everything about it - the cooling of the breeze, the smell in the air and of course, the transformation of the trees can just stop me in my tracks. Especially here in Pennsylvania where it seems like every inch of this beautiful state is shaded by a tree.

So since fall is on the way but not quit here yet I thought it would be nice to share some of the fun and creative decorating ideas I have run across in my search for new fall decorating beauty.  Posting them now will give you time to come up with some fun an interesting decorations for your own home.  Below you will find everything from decorating your front door, decking out your front porch, primping your mantle and dressing up your table tops.

Most of these ideas are very simple so they don't require a lot of prepping or planning but they are oh so fun! The links for the sources are listed below each picture.  Enjoy!

DIY fall decorating idea: Fall pumpkin made from old canning lids
MSN Living

I could make this cute "Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin" in about 5 minutes!  Now that's a project for me.

Glitter Guide

This is a great way to display pumpkins inside your house.

Country Living

A splash of fall color in your living spaces helps it feel more "fallish."


Now here is a decoration for those of us with very little crafting ability.

Remodel aholic

Painting pumpkins takes a little more time and effort but don't you just love the plaid one?  Cute!

White Cabinet with Chalkboard

Very simple and yet this table display says it all about the season.  Well, besides the taking of candy part!  Right after that is the giving of thanks part.

We love this festive fall decoration! More seasonal decorating ideas:
Better Homes and Gardens

This looks so warm and inviting to me.  I would feel so comfortable walking into this house because it looks like someone who really cares about how their home looks on the outside lives on the inside!

Decorating Ideas Made Easy

Again, I could do this in a heartbeat at my house and actually, I think I will!

Mini gourds and pumpkins holding long candles, sitting on a white mantle
Real Simple

Miniature gourds are really inexpensive in the grocery stores and they do make the most adorable candle holders.

Amanda Jane Brown

Here is another project that I can easily do.  I believe I have everything except the fancy jar but I do have others that I can use in it's place so I will be trying this one for sure as well.  My husband now has something to do with that huge ball of twine in our garage!

Country Living

I love the reds in this table display.  It is a little different from the usual oranges, yellows and browns that you see in fall decorating but it is still beautiful and warm.

DIY fall decorating idea: Homemade pinecone mantle garland
MSN Living

I think everyone has decorated with pine cones in some form or another but this one is really cute so I had to add it.

Good Housekeeping

These pumpkins looks so dressed up and yet homey next to the large and majestic urns.


I wish I had some lanterns like these to put at my front door.

Glass Containers Centerpiece
Better Homes and Gardens

Again, this is a brainless project but oh so beautiful.

Country Living

Another painting of the pumpkins shot.  I like it!

DIY fall decorating idea: Framed fall leaves on the mantle
MSN Living

Here is a great way to display the beautiful leaves your little ones are about to bring home to you.  Make them feel special by framing them and displaying them.

Denise's beautiful country porch ready for fall

If all else fails, decorate with loads of pumpkins and mums at your front door in any configuration you like. You can't go wrong there!

If you have other great ideas on fall decorating, I would love to hear them.

Happy Fall Decorating!

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