Friday, July 18, 2014

Shopkicking - It's As Cool As It Sounds!

In my search for ways to save money and sometimes even earn money at the same time I came across Shopkick.  The basic idea behind Shopkick is that you earn Shopkicks (points) for scanning products when you are in the store and those Shopkicks add up to money on your choice of gift cards at major stores.  You also earn Shopkicks by just walking into the store, as long as you have your phone's Shopkick app turned on!  I was skeptical when I first starting reading about it but it was free so I was going to try it out.   

DISCLAIMER!  Unlike the last couponing post where I said I was going to keep it short, I really am going to keep it short and sweet this time with very simple instructions on how to use this awesome app.  After downloading the app from iTunes (for iPhone users) or GooglePlay (if you have an Android) you will do the following:

Pick the stores you want to Shopkick in.   


When you are ready to walk into the store turn the app on.  I do this when I am walking from the parking lot and into the store and there is a signal that is sent from the store to your phone that lets the app know you are there.  Depending on which store it is you will get a certain amount of Shopkicks for just walking into the store!  For my visit to Walmart I received 30 Shopkicks.

To start scanning in the store click on the blue bar that lists how many "kicks for scanning products" are available for that store.


No you are ready to scan!   When you are in the aisle of the store that has the product you want to scan, click on the black scan button next to the product and the following screen will show up:


This screen is what you will see minus the upside down desktop (I was taking a screen shot with my phone that's on/off button is broken . . .  you don't want to know all that.  When you have this screen pulled up scan the barcode on the product (Start Kist Albacore White Tuna) and wait for your phone to let you know it has approved your scan.  This can take a minute or so the first time or two until your phone figures it all out.  Once you have done it a few times, you will be a pro!


Now this is my home page.  As you can see I have 17 Current Kicks and 517 All-time kicks.  Since I was testing this out, I cashed out my first 500 Shopkicks for a $2.00 Target gift card and it worked!  I made $2.00 without really any effort at all and it was very exciting.  Since I cashed it out, it starts over again.  You can choose the denominations of what you want on your gift cards so you can cater it to what you want or need.

You can also let the phone let you know where the deals are by clicking on the Area button or sorting by everything that is available to you.

You can also connect your debit or credit card to Shopkick and when you purchase items that are on their Shopkick list, you can get additional Shopkicks for your purchases!  I haven't tried this out yet.

Look at your store's Shopkick page before you go to the store.  This will let you know where the Shopkick items are in the store.  I head right for the area of the store that has the most items to scan so that I make the best use of my time and get the most Shopkicks.  They build up fast so get to scanning!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Again, it's completely free and it is actually kind of fun.  My thought is to save up Shopkicks to use later for a birthday or maybe even Christmas!

Happy Shopkicking!

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