Friday, May 2, 2014

Take Some Time To Be Upset And Then You Need to GET OVER IT!

I know I have used this photo before but it is so sweet and shows my kids at their best, which they were always good!  Just like this.  I promise!

When you grow up with many siblings, or maybe even just one or two, there can be days where discontent and unhappiness can pop up.  It happens to all of us and if you deny this has ever happened to you, I won't believe it.  It has happened to all of us at one time or another and for some, it happens all the time!  Yikes! That is not a pleasant way to live your life.

There are any number of things that can set you off and ruin your day and change the atmosphere of your home.  They can be some pretty basic and silly things such as:
  1. Someone in your house takes the last two slices of bread or cup of milk
  2. No one thought to replace the toilet paper
  3. A piece of clothing was borrowed and not returned
  4. A piece of clothing was laundered improperly - and it now looks like it was made for a small dog
  5. Tools are borrowed and not put back in their proper place (Yes, this would be me.  Sorry Max!  But I believe Matthew did it too.)
  6. You get in the car to go somewhere and there is no gas in the tank.  GGGrrrrrrrrr!                              
Now those are small things but they can certainly start your day out badly and if you let it can be the basis for worse things to come.  When you leave the house you might also encounter (hopefully not on the same day):
  1. Someone who cuts you off while driving to work
  2. You have to walk 2 miles from you car to your office building and you are late for a meeting (not really two miles but it might as well be two miles because it sure feels like it by this time)
  3. A co-worker irritates you by commenting on everything and knowing it all
  4. Someone embarrasses you by calling you out in a meeting - pointing out a weakness in you
  5. You forgot your lunch and don't have any money (I don't know about you but my stomach growls VERY loudly)
  6. The building you work in is either too hot or too cold
  7. You are called into a meeting with your supervisor and you are reprimanded
  8. You are cut from a project that was your idea and it is given to someone with less experience than you
By the time you get home at night you are done!  All you want to do is put on some comfortable clothes, have some dinner (hopefully someone has thought of that already but odds are, you are on your own), and relax for the rest of the day.  What you walk into might be something like this:
  1. The dog obviously needs attention before you do anything else so you get him/her outside
  2. The kitchen is a disaster and there isn't much in your refrigerator to make a decent meal AND all the dishes are dirty
  3. When you walk into your bedroom to change into those comfy clothes, you realize your bedroom is a disaster and you probably aren't going to find anything clean, much less comfy in there.
  4. Everyone else has started to arrive home, if they aren't already there now, and they are all crying for food
  5. After changing into those comfy clothes you realize you have a school program to go to so you have to change again - AND get something for everyone to eat before you leave!
  6. When you arrive home at 9:30 p.m. from the aforementioned school program and you begin to hear the mutterings of homework stress calling from various little people but first, you have to go through the backpacks that are strewn throughout your house.
  7. You remember that you are out of bread AND milk
  8. When you get into bed you realize that certain people in your house don't have clean clothing for the morning.  UUuuugggggghhhhh
Why do I mention all these stumbling blocks and unhappy experiences that can sometimes interfere with an already stressful life?  Because no matter what you do, you can't control most things that hit you in any given day.  Yes, you can be organized, you can plan, you can even hire people to handle some of these things for you (sounds good but would you really do that if given the opportunity?).  The way your life rolls out each day is pretty much out of your control no matter how anal you are and you are going to have to deal with all of these things at one time or another if you haven't already.  Hopefully you have not experienced several of these things at the same time but if you have, you just need a vacation!

So here is my advice to you if you are having a rough time with little issues that are bothering you at home :

You only have a few minutes to feel bad, be upset and then you must GET OVER IT!   You have a family to enjoy!

My advice for someone who had a terrible day at work or school and would most likely rather not ever go back is the following:

Take some time, think it out, make a plan of action and then GET OVER IT!  You have a family to enjoy!

If your life is a disorganized mess at home and you feel like you have to do it all and you just don't know that you can you need to follow the instructions below:

Go into a room and take a few minutes to calm your nerves from the day, think about the fact that the most important people in your life are right under your roof and the last thing you want is for them to ever have a bad memory of you!  Think about all the joy these people are to you and how everything you do and say affects them so you want to make sure that you protect them at all costs. Say a prayer and ask for strength, ask for guidance, as for a peaceful heart.  Sing a song to lighten your load.  And if you must and you still need a little more cheering - dance!  And remember, one day they will no longer be under your roof for you to love and appreciate whenever you want. GET OVER YOUR FRUSTRATION.  You have a family to enjoy!

We all have bad days but the most important thing we can do is to never let the frustrations of the day, no matter where they happen or who is responsible, affect how we treat our families.  

Love your family TODAY!!

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