Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday Mornings

Sorry kids.  I know not one of you likes this picture but it is the best one that expresses my Sunday morning feelings!

My house is quiet this Sunday morning as I get ready for Church.  In my house this beautiful winter day there is:

No pitter-patter of little feet
No crying because someone is too tired to get up
No hysteria trying to find a dress, skirt or tie
No stress over tying a tie
No wimpering from the brush being pulled through a little ones tangled hair
No missing shoes to be hunted down
No Sunday School or Sacrament talk to practice
No quick breakfast to be prepared and served in 5 minutes
No coats, hats or gloves to find before running out the door
No diaper bag to be loaded and thrown into the car with the baby
No one begging to stay home because they feel too sick to go to Church today (really?)

I love where I am right now in my life but it is mornings like this that I miss those days.  

1 comment :

  1. I just noticed that my kids all have such different color hair in this picture. Funny!


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