Friday, March 14, 2014

Citrus Punch

It's the middle of March in central Pennsylvania and I'm sorry to say, it's cold.  Right now it is 25 degrees and just thinking about Citrus Punch makes my feet cold but I must tell you, this beverage is delicious!

Last summer I was in Towanda, Pennsylvania and my sweet friend Gloria shared this punch recipe with me.  It was a hot summer afternoon and as my dad would say, this punch "hit the spot!"  It was so delicious and refreshing and I knew I had to have the recipe so I asked for it.  This is a super simple recipe and those are my favorite!  Thanks, Gloria!

First grab your punch bowl.  Any punch bow.  Glass or plastic will do but large enough to hold lots of liquid.

Dump 1/2 bag of a 5 pound bag of ice into the bottom of the punch bowl.  Your just going to pour everything else on top of the ice and it is going to help mix it all together and make it super cold for you!

Pour a 12 oz. can of THAWED frozen orange juice from concentrate over the ice.  Scrape it out with a rubber spatula but if you can't just set it aside for a few minutes.

Next pour the 12 oz. can of THAWED frozen lemonade concentrate over the ice and over the orange juice concentrate.  Again, if you have a spatula, scrape the can out and if not set it aside for a minute.

Now take those empty cans that the orange juice and lemonade concentrate came out of and pour some of the 2 litre 7 Up in and swirl them around until all the juice is out.  You don't want to miss one drop of that delicious citrus juice!  Pour everything from the can and the remainder of the 2 liters into the punch bowl.  Of course since there is a lot of fizz in 7 Up and Sprite, you need to be careful not to overload your bowl!

Pour the whole 2 liter bottle of Sprite into the punch bowl and mix it all together gently!  If you want you can slice up an orange, lemon or lime and float the pieces on top.

This is such a refreshing drink and great for a large crowd because of course, there is a lot of it but also because it is very inexpensive.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Now if the weather would just warm up so that I could actually make some of this and enjoy it . . . out on my deck . . . in the warm sunlight . . . someday!

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