Wednesday, January 29, 2014

One Day I Hope To Have a Playhouse for My Grandkids That Looks Something Like This . . . .

I said for the longest time that I would never join Pinterest but I finally gave in and "joined the ranks" and now I am hooked.  I have spent some time roaming it's pages and I think that one of my favorite spots to land is on the pages that list children's playhouses.  I'm not sure that such darling structures were available when my kids were little but I sure have had fun looking at all the different designs and imagining my cute little grandsons playing in them.  I wonder if my husband and I could build something like this?!!!!

Now most of these are very large and complicated designs but they are fun to look at and get ideas for something to build in the future.  The links for the pages where these designs were found or the stores where you can buy these items are listed below each picture.  Take a look and see what I found!

This is a traditional sweet little house that I think a little girl would love.  What cute dormer windows and porch on the front!

This playhouse reminds me of a beach house because of the stilts that it sits on.  The parking area underneath the house for bikes and the sandbox make this look like a fun place to hang out. 

What little boy wouldn't want this pirate ship in their backyard?  I'm sure that my boys would have loved having this ship to play in when they were little.

This is a huge windmill house that has working windows, a deck and a loft inside.  Fun!

Wow!  Not only is this very pink but it is very big.  Another fun playhouse for a girl.  

This is a sweet little western playhouse with horse shoes on the shutters and the porch on the front has railings for a horse to be tied to - if you had a horse.

Crooked houses are very popular right now and are available in many different styles and colors.  If you look closely you can see that the windows are crooked along with the door and the roof is curved.  I think my grandsons would love to play in something like this.

I think this is some sort of a fort that would be great to plop in the middle of your moat in the backyard. Because everyone has a moat, right?

This would be a fun playhouse to have right now since Thomas the Tank is so popular with little boys and girls.  You would really need to have the train too though or it just wouldn't seem complete.

(Barbara Butler)

I believe that a child could stay busy in this playhouse for a very long time.  


And then there is this little school house that is beyond cute.    Unfortunately, schools don't look anything like this anymore but it does look like a fun and inviting place for a little one to hang out, doesn't it?

Yes, some of these are pretty extreme and as I have researched them on line I have found that many of them are pretty expensive.  If you have someone who is handy or good at building things, you might want to try and do something simple on your own - incorporating an idea or two that you see here.  If you have a cute playhouse picture or idea.  Let me know.  I would love to see it!

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