Friday, January 31, 2014

Dump Cake Anyone?

If you are in need of a quick and easy dessert, look no further than this glorious, decadent and unbelievably easy to make Dump Cake. Yes, it doesn't sound like something you would necessarily want to eat but it is heavenly, especially along side a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is called Dump Cake because you literally just dump everything into a baking dish and bake it. No measuring and no mixing, this dessert makes everyone happy!

My youngest daughter is a senior this year in college and on the slow downhill slope toward the end of her college life.  Yiippeeeee!!!!  I made this cake today for her and her room mates because I thought it would be nice to take them a yummy treat and maybe take their minds of all their study worries - even if just for a few minutes.  And I do mean just a few minutes because I don't think it will last that long.  Coming back from the holiday break is always a bummer and I am hoping this will cheer them up a little.

That's right, these are the only ingredients you need and you don't have to mix any of them with anything. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees before dumping all the ingredients into the baking dish but before you starting dumping, read on!

I decided to use an oval baking dish this time because I thought it would be fun to switch it up a little and because, I love this dish!  Normally I use a 9 X 13 glass square baking dish but I like to go crazy and do things the wrong way sometimes.  Keeps life exciting!

Open up your two large cans of pie filling and dump them into your baking dish and then flatten the top out. There is no real particular reason to smooth out the top other than I just think you should.

Open up your small can of crushed pineapple and pour the WHOLE thing juice and all over the pie filling and then flatten it out again.  This time you are flattening so that the everything cooks evenly.

Doesn't it look yummy already?

Now here is the weird part.  You are not going to mix up the cake mix with wet ingredients.

You just sprinkle the whole cake mix all over the top of the fruit filling until there is nothing left in the bag.  It completely fills up this type of a dish but don't worry, it is going to look and smell wonderful!

Gently flatten the cake mix out with a spatula or knife but don't press down on the ingredients.

Now here is another odd thing to do.  You are going to take your 1 1/2 sticks of ice cold butter and cut very thin slices and layer them all over the dry cake mix covering the entire top of the cake.

The most wonderful thing happens as the butter starts to melt.  It seeps down through the cake mix and the juices from the pie filling and crushed pineapple mix together and bake this heavenly crust that is soft on the inside and crunchy on the top.  Yum!

Oh my goodness!  Doesn't this just look delicious?  Unless you make this, you will have to just trust me that when you dig a serving spoon down beneath this crispy crust, through the cake and down into the sweet and delicious fruit on the bottom that this is truly heaven on a plate.

Try this recipe out and let me know what you think.  If you have a recipe similar to this one and have a different way of making it, let me know that as well.  You can never have too many versions of a dump cake!

Happy baking!

Dump Cake

2 Large Cans Pie Filling (Cherry, Blueberry or Apple are best)
1 Small Can Crushed Pineapple
1 Yellow or White cake mix
1 to 1 1/2 Sticks of Chilled Unsalted Butter, sliced thinly (unsalted so that it is a more healthy dish!)

Butter a 9 X 13 glass cake pan or casserole dish and place the two cans of pie filling on the bottom - spreading evenly over the bottom of the pan. Pour the crushed pineapple (juice too) and spread around. Sprinkle the cake mix, the whole package, over top of the whole dish and gently flatten out. Layer butter squares over the top of the cake mix covering the entire cake. Bake at 325 degree for 1 hour. Cool slightly and serve with Vanilla Ice Cream.

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  1. "My youngest daughter is a senior this year in college and on the slow downhill slope"

    hahha you should have just ended the sentence there.


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