Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We are Going to be Grandparents!

Happy day, happy day, happy day! Throughout our lives, we measure the passage of time by events. When we are little we can't wait to be like our parents and do the things that they do. When we are teens, we look forward with great anticipation to the day when we can get out and be on our own. Having children is another point in time we look forward to and of course eventually we want to become grandparents. Now this last one is not one most hold their breath for because it means we are getting older! But when you finally hear the words, "You are going to be grandparents!" you forget how old you are. It's amazing!

Matthew and Melissa Skyped us nearly two weeks ago to tell us the big news and let us know that their little "peanut" would be arriving around February 19. This will embarrass Matthew but I think he was glowing as much as Melissa! As we talked about how Melissa was feeling, what kinds of things they had to look forward to with the pregnancy and what they could buy right now (because apparently they are so excited, they will not be able to wait much longer to start buying baby things)I felt that shift of family again. You know you feel it when you have babys, you feel it when they start school, when they are baptized, when they advance in the priesthood, when they start young womens, when they start to drive and date, when they go to the temple and when they get married. These are all powerful moments in a parent's life and they help to shape who your children are but who you are as well.

Over the last two weeks as I have basked in the joy of becoming a grandmother, I have thought about how this is really what Max and I have been working for all these years. I have tought about the time we each spent as kids ourselves, trying to do what was right so that we could hopefully find someone worthy to go to the temple, and then as parents with small children of our own - trying to be the best parents we could be so that we would raise a righteous family. Everything we have done has been for our kids - and now our grandkids.

Now my family and close friends will say, "Becky, you never wanted to get old and be a grandma!" This is true - I still feel like a teenager most of the time. But I am truly over the moon with the idea of becoming a grandma now. I can't wait for all of my children to have children and to see the joy in their faces as they raise their righteous generation. Nothing can beat that in my book.


  1. I can"t even imagine the Joy of becoming a Grandparent. That is so fun. I know a ton Of emotions. But How fun to see your own Child enjoy those same moments of when you had your first child. what a fun time for your family. You must just be bursting right now.
    You will be amazing grandparents Enjoy this great time in your life. And Becky you never seem to age

  2. Love you and your grandmotherly thoughts, Dear Girl - And I do mean GIRL! Is that the actual ultrasound pic?????

  3. Beautifully said. I am so happy for you! You will make a terrific grandma.


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