Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Kathy!

Today is my beautiful sister's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHY!  Kathy is two years older than I am and most of my childhood memories involve her in some way.  If you have siblings, you know what I mean.  Good, bad or uncomfortable your siblings help to influence the person you eventually become and as you get older, that bond only gets stronger. 

From my very earliest memories in life she is there holding my hand, encouraging me, helping me to not be scared and teasing me - she is there up to that glorious day last month when my daughter was married,  she was there to share in our joy and happiness. I appreciate that more than she knows.

Kathy was there when:

I was hiding under the stairs with our brother Alan at our home in Maryland, using my Easy Bake Oven to cook or bake anything we could sneak out of the kitchen while our parents were not around.  To this day I am surprised that we didn't burn the house down!

I ate a whole package of Ex-Lax as a pre-schooler because I thought it was a candy bar.  She sat with me and talked to me while I rolled around in agony on the couch.  It was awful but she did her best to console me.

Swinging on the swings.  We LOVED to swing and had hours of fun swinging as fast and as high as we could!

Learning to drive a car! 

The week that all of the Washington, D.C. area closed down due to a snowstorm that closed all schools and government offices for a week.  We had so much fun not only playing in the snow but shoveling our very long driveway with our dad and enjoying every moment of the work because we were able to be with him and then loved running inside where mom had made big pans of hot chocolate.  Priceless!

She is in my memory for many other occasions but those early years are really special to me.

Kathy is the mother to these beautiful people who are the light of her life and they are two of the coolest people I know. When you are a young mother you learn that your children help to ground you but as they get older, you KNOW that they balance you in ways that you never even imagined.  Although it is sometimes the toughest job in the world, it is the best.  What a gift to be a mother!

One of the things that I admire about Kathy is her positive attitude.  Yes, she has had tough times and certainly her life has not been easy but I have noticed over the last few years that she continually points out the good in all things and chooses to take the high road.  She is a good person.

Kathy's children are all grown up with spouses and children of their own and doing so well in their chosen fields and in their families.  I am proud of them too and love them very much.

These people complete her life.

Adorable grandsons and

gorgeous grand daughters.   Who wouldn't be hopeful and positive around this bunch?!

I belong to a great family that I love so very much and each one of them has played a very special part in my life and they continue to each day.  Happy Birthday, sweet sister.  I hope that you are enjoying a beautiful day and that the next year will bring you even more joy, laughter and happiness than even you can imagine!



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