Friday, August 8, 2014

Shopkicking Update #3 - I'm Making Progress!

So here is my proof that I am making great progress in Shopkicking.  This is my home screen that shows how many points I have currently and how many I have accumulated over the short time that I have been using this app.  I started using Shopkick about 3 weeks ago and this may seem like I haven't gotten very far but I really have not spent much doing this and the money is slowly accumulating. Score one for me!

So as you can see I have almost earned enough for $41.00 worth of gift cards! That is crazy considering the following:

1.  I have not had to buy one thing
2.  I am getting points for just walking into stores
3.  I am also getting points for scanning items but I'm not purchasing anything
4.  I don't make special trips to shop - I only Shopkick when I am at the stores

I have been able to maximize my points by checking the app often to see where the most points are being awarded each day and aiming for those vendors if I am in the area.  They say that you can scan things multiple times a day but I have not been able to do that.  If someone knows how that works, please let me know!

Some of the gift cards are electronic (Target for example) so they immediately turn into scannable codes on your phone which is very convenient in the store.  On my first test run of using a gift card (it was only $2.00) I had no issues using the scanable barcode on my phone but if you live in a rural area I would make sure to have the card pulled up before you enter the checkout lane so that you don't have to wait - and neither does anyone else standing behind you!  It worked like a charm.

I have done a lot of research on how to Shopkick effectively and one thing I noticed that many people have said is to make sure and cash out your points onto gift cards about every $25.00 or so in case there is a problem with your phone or the app. so I have cashed out one and will do another as soon as I have reached the $50.00 mark.

So if you are following along and giving this great app a try, let me know how it is going for you.  Hopefully my Christmas will be a lot less painful this year!

Happy Shopkicking!

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