Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Great Dad's Think Alike

Since we just celebrated Father's Day I have been thinking a lot about fathers and the role that they have played in my life.  I have been blessed with a great dad who has loved, nurtured and trained me throughout my entire life.  If you want great advice, ask this guy right here!

My husband has a wonderful father too who is kind, quiet and a rock when you need grounding.  And along with his wife he raised 4 great kids so there is my proof right there!

Then there is my husband who has been a great father to our children.  He is strong and steady like the beautiful Teton Mountains behind him.

These two young dads take after their father and their grandfather's before them. Strong, loving, patient, fun, smart and most important, love the Lord Jesus Christ and follow His teachings. Just as every child needs at strong and compassionate mother, every child needs a father who is not only a protector but a guide in ways that only a father can. Mothers and fathers both have great importance in the lives of children and they should both be recognized and honored for their spot in our lives.

Since I now have two grandsons who love to sing or be sung to and who are still very young I thought it would be fun to share with them this great song that describes their daddy's and daddy's everywhere to a T! This is a song that I used to sing at Church when I was very young - even though it was really kind of a song for boys - I still loved to sing it.  I did want to be just like my dad because he was the coolest - still is!

This is a very simple song but at a time when fatherhood is being belittled and minimized, it is important to do everything we can as mothers to be uplifting and positive about the role of fathers.

My daddy is my favorite pal,
And I help him every day,
It's plain to see I want to be,
Like him in every way,
He teaches me that honesty,
Is best in all I do,
I'm very glad that he's my dad,
And I know he loves me too.
Children's Songbook, #211

Hug your dad today and tell him how much you love him.  Believe me, he will be so happy you did!

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