Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cute and Inexpensive Flannel Burp Cloths

Are you wondering why I am back to sewing more burp cloths?  Well there are three reasons. One there are lots of people around me having babies, two, I love to sew and three, I said I was going to do another post on these cute cloths so here it is!  I guess one more reason was I had some cute material just waiting to be used. These cloths are similar to the flannel/diaper cloths that I made a few weeks ago but they are just flannel.

First thing you do is pick out some cute flannel material that is preferably thick and will hold up well wash after wash.  Wash, dry and iron the flannel flat so that there are no wrinkles.  I spray water or starch if the wrinkles are really stubborn so that there are no creases before I pin the first piece of flannel to the second piece of flannel.

Take the cute piece of flannel you have chosen for the top of the cloth and lay it pattern side up.  Isn't this one so cute?

Take the second piece of flannel and lay it face down on top of the other piece. Pin the two pieces of flannel together.  On this particular cloth, I used the same pattern of material for the front and the back.  I just love it because it is so little boy!

Starting on one end sew about a 1/8 inch (or a little more if that makes you feel more comfortable) all the way around leaving an opening that will allow you to turn the material inside out. The hole I left open was about 4 inches in order to turn the material without tearing the seams or material.

Trim the four corners so that when you turn the flannel inside out, the corners will lie flat. Make sure not to cut your stitching.

Trim the edge all the way around except where you have left an opening. This is so that after you have turned it inside out you can fold this small piece of material in and then sew the flannel shut - which is what you need to do now!  Turn the whole thing inside out by sticking your hand in and pulling the material out.  Then if you need to, use your fingers or a blunt stick to push the corners out and then re-iron the whole thing to make it lay flat.

Fold in the little piece of flannel that is left at the opening and iron the entire thing flat.

Sew all the way around the cloth as close to the edge as you like. To help the material to continue to lay flat wash after wash, you can sew patterns or quilting shapes to hold the two pieces of material together.  I did not do that on this one because it was a little more on the small side so I didn't think that I needed to add any more stability to the cloth.  Your done!

Now you have a cute burp cloth that literally took only about 15 minutes to put together.  From ironing the flannel at the beginning of the process to sewing all around the edges, this is a really fun project to work on and produces a cute and personalized gift just from you.  I know my friends are going to like these!

Happy sewing!

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