Friday, March 21, 2014

20 Things Every Mom and Grandma Should Have

If you have kids in your house or grand kids that visit often enough, there are several things that are helpful to have in your house that will not only help you to keep them busy and spend quality time with them but also give you the opportunity to teach them specific skills.  Now I have very small grandchildren and they don't live close by but I know that if I lived closer to either one of them I would have certainly started doing some of these things with them a long time ago.  I'm sure their mothers are on top of all this so I'm not worried about it.

The list below is in no specific order except the order that they popped into my head!  Notice the kitchen items are mainly at the top?  That's right, I made up this list while I was hungry.  Some of these items are sharp and really do need adult supervision so please keep in mind that my suggestion is that you always use these items with your children or grand kids.  They are happier when they are with you anyway so you might as well have fun and teach them something at the same time!

All of these items can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond for the listed prices.  

Apple Corer and Slicer $9.99 - This is a great tool to have in the kitchen because it literally cuts and cores your whole apple all at once.  I have had one of these for years and my kids used it all the time but make sure that you are the one using this tool - unless your kids are older.

Wilton 100 Cookie Cutters Set $9.99 - What is more fun than making cookies with your kids?  Not many things that I can think of so why not have these cute and colorful cookie cutters on hand to make all sorts of fun cookies.  Christmas cookies, Gingerbread cookies, peanut butter cookies, shape your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes, etc.  Switch it up and have some fun!

Mini-Rolling Pin $7.99 - This mini rolling pin isn't really meant for kids but it is just the right size for little ones and allows them to put a little muscle behind rolling out dough.  Then you don't have to do it!

Square Wash Bags  $7.99 -This is a genious idea and I don't know who told me about it or why I didn't come up with it myself years ago but I have used one of these wonderful mesh bags for socks, hosiery and little baby things ever since I was enlightened.  I have the larger bags so that I can fit more in them.  Just so you know, I don't typically have a problem anymore finding matches to socks so this really is a good idea. My washing machine can't get into the bag to eat lone socks anymore so I am pretty safe once I load it up, zip it and snap the snap.

A Sweeper So You Can Safely Teach Your Kids How to Vacuum $29.99 - I don't have one of these but I think I would have found it useful as a young mother.  These are great because they are not powered by electricity but just by the force of you pushing it.  The little brush on the bottom slowly spins to pick up dirt from your floor and allows to give the kids an opportunity to see what happens when they push a vacuum.

Fun Colorful Dusting Cloths .99!!!! -I have always just used old sheets, towels and t-shirts as rags for dusting around my house, and I don't think that I would buy them for just every day dusting but when you are cleaning newer electronics, it's important to use the right kind of rags so that you don't damage screens or monitors.  The micro-fiber towels are great for this and they come in little sizes like these and such fun colors!  Who wouldn't want to dust with these?

Mini Muffin Tin $8.99 - These are just the right size for little hands and tummys!  Quick and easy to fill, they are perfect for little ones because they cook fast and are easy to pack up for a quick snack when you are out and about.


Plastic Place Mats $2.99 - I love these.  You know how cloth place mats get all rumpled and bumpy when you wash and dry them and then you feel like you need to iron them to make them look good again (gag, I hate ironing.)  You can wash the food right off these babies in the sink, shake them and they are ready to go right back on the table. And they come in lots of fun colors.  Again, kid friendly.

Hamburger Patty Maker $2.49 - Kids love to work with you in the kitchen so why not give them a tool that won't hurt them and let them go!  Loading, mashing and laying out in nice pretty patterns on a tray, this is a fun and easy job for young ones to do.  Just make sure they wash their hands before and after they make your pattys!

Whirley Pop $19.99 - Several years ago my best friend gave our family one of these for Christmas and we have loved it.  Old fashioned and requiring a little elbow grease, this is a great kitchen tool for an older child to help with.  Who doesn't love popcorn?

Flannel Sheets $19.99 - Everyone should have at least one set of flannel sheets for their bed.  Soft, warm and just begging you to climb in.  Flannel sheets are a must for little ones especially in the winter time.  But be careful. As much as they help relax and make your child feel comfy and cozy at night when it's time for bed, you may have another problem in the morning.  You may not be able to get them out of bed!

A Big Kitchen Clock $39.99 - This is a great tool for teaching your kids how to tell time while you are teaching them how to make things in the kitchen.  If you can have a clock that has large numbers so that they can see it easily anywhere in the room.  Roman Numbers are confusing to little ones so having a traditional clock will make it easier to teach them how to tell time.

Pillows for Sitting Up In Bed $24.99 - You can easily do this with several regular pillows but it is super fun to see how many people you can cuddle up with into one of these sweet pillows for bed time reading.  I have the best memories of piling 3 or 4 little bodies into a twin size bed, pulling the blankets up and reading at night with my kids.  Little House on the Prarie, Charlottes Web, Misty of Chincoteague, James and the Giant Peach, The Little Prince and many others.  We would have been much more comfortable with one or two of these sweet pillows to lean on but we made the best of memories anyway.

Their Own Hamper $69.99 - Now this is a pretty steep pricetag but this combo pack of hampers allows you to have laundry baskets for several areas in your home.  It will also help you cut down on dirty clothes on the floor because they will be in several different areas. Lined and different sizes, this package gives you enough hampers for several rooms as well as a few baskets for linen or laundry room shelves.

Rubber Tub Mats or Decals $6.99, $7.99 and $6.99 - These are a must for any bathtub that doesn't already have them built in or even for some that do and are worn down.  There are so many people who slip and fall in the shower or bath tub area so make sure that you have enough traction on the bottom of yours to keep anyone from getting hurt.  They have lots of fun shapes now too!


Turbie Twist $15.99- Now this one is just fun.  Little girls love to wrap one of these cute turbans around their lovely long locks after a bath.  They are absorbent and make any little girl or big girl feel like she is at a spa!

Head Massager $3.99 - I have seen these things before and I must say, they look odd.  But if you want to really relax your kids, or yourself, try one of these head scratchers or as I like to call them, head relaxers.  It is one of the most wonderful feelings and kids will love it.

Animal Hot and Cold Packs $2.49 - Again, I should have come up with this idea myself but nevertheless, here it is.  There are all sorts of different shapes, sizes and styles of these fun animal fever patches that will make your sick little one feel special.  And they are pretty inexpensive.  Keep them in the freezer and ready for any small mishap or fever and babies will feel special

Travel Blanket/Mat - This isn't necessarily just for kids but if your kids like when you are spontaneous, keep one of these colorful mats in the trunk of your car.  When you are going to the drive through for dinner, instead of taking it home, stop at a park and unfold one of these fun mats for a last minute dinner outdoors. The kids will love it and you won't have anything to clean up!

Night Lights  - Of course!  These are so important no matter how old your kids are, especially if the location of your house or apartment is does not provide for much light when your lights are out.  Does that make sense?  Where I live in Pennsylvania, when we turn the lights out, it is pitch dark in our house so you can't even see your hand in front of your face.   Make sure you have nightlights in your hallways, bathrooms and close to the stairs.  This is one item on this list that you really must have.

Let me know what you think.  What things would you add to this list that would be beneficial to any size or age of family.  I would love to hear your ideas.

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