Friday, January 10, 2014

Don't Be Afraid to Apply for Any Job - It Might Lead You to the Perfect Job for You!

My family moved to Pennsylvania almost 13 years ago and when we did our children were all in school full time.  We had two in high school and two in elementary school and boy were they busy!  School, sports, dance classes and Church activities kept our kids running from one place to another every day of the week. I was so glad that they all found activities where they could continue to learn and grow as well as build lasting friendships.

I, on the other hand, was happy with the move but didn't really see where I fit in.  It wasn't a bad thing but just a "What do I do now?"   I had previously worked in a hospital billing department for many years so I was used to a busy schedule of husband, kids, school, church and work.  I had looked forward to the change, but I just didn't know what I would and I was hoping that there was something exciting and new waiting for me in Pennsylvania but that did not materialize.  Have you ever had that problem?  I have had it more than once in my life but let's stick with just one dislocation at a time!

When we had moved into our home in Pennsylvania and our children were all settled into their school routine I started to get lonely during the day.  I was never bored because there were always so many things to do around the house but since I didn't know anyone in the new town we moved to, I began to miss family and friends.  Plus, cleaning the house is not one of my favorite things to do and there really is only so much you can do!  The days were long and the feeling to get busy doing something while the kids were gone during the day continued to eat away at me.  For over a year I applied for every job that I could and specifically focused on a local university but had no luck in even getting an interview so I gave up.
I continued to feel the need to do something but I didn't know what to do so my husband encouraged me to apply for a temporary job if there was one available and try to get my foot in the door that way, which I did. I applied for a temporary job at the university bookstore and I actually got an interview.  I was so excited to get the opportunity to interview at the university and when the time came, I was prepped and ready to go.    

When I arrived at the Human Resources Department for the university and gave the director my resume she asked me why I hadn't applied for any of their part time or full time jobs that were listed on their jobs website.  I told her that I had applied for several positions but I had not received any calls for interviews. She was surprised and told me that she didn't want me to apply for the temporary job as I had skills and abilities she thought the university could use in another area and she wanted to see me working at the school on a permanent basis.

I applied for three positions that day and within a week, I had a full-time job that allowed me to drop my kids off at school in the morning and get home shortly after they arrived home in the afternoon.  Score!  I wish I would have gone into the HR department and introduced myself from the very beginning as I think this would have given me the opportunity to start working earlier. 

So my suggestion to you, if you are looking for a job,  is don't be satisfied with just applying for jobs on line and then waiting to hear from someone.  If you have the time, go into the HR department of some of these employers and introduce yourself.  Let them see you and talk to you for a few minutes and see that you are truly interested in their position.   If you can't go in, call and speak with someone in HR to make sure that your application is complete and express your interest in the company.  If you are missing information on your application, sometimes employers will bump you out of the running for a position because they will not contact you for additional information. 

Now I understand that going into an employer for a corporate job or a more professional position is not always a great idea but you can cater your job searching technique to the kind of job you are looking for.  It takes more thought and planning but if it nets a job for you, you win!

So in this bad economy, don't be afraid to apply for any job.  There could be something even better right around the Human Resources corner for you!  Let me know what your ideas are on job searches and what you have found to be effective tools in the hunt for employment.  I would love to hear your ideas!  Just leave a comment below in the comment section!  

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