Friday, January 21, 2011


I was thinking today about how much I appreciate the kids I have. I don't mean that in a bragging sort of way because I know that everyone has great kids. In fact, I love to hear about other people's kids and see how and what they are doing. As a mother, there really isn't anything more wonderful than to see your own kids doing well and thriving but it is also a blessing and fun to see your friends kids doing the same in their own way. It is a joy to be a mother!

My kids are all grown now so I don't have sweet baby pictures to share (well, I do have great baby pictures of my kids but I don't think they would appreciate me putting them all up here on the internet for everyone to see)and until my kids start having babys of their own I will have to improvise!) But I can share my thoughts and feelings on the great grown up kids I have.

This picture was taken at Jennifer's high school graduation two years ago. It was a really fun day for our family but I wasn't sure if Jennifer would make it through the day because she was so excited. This is how she looked all day! After the ceremony, everyone went out into the foyer and the kids were taking pictures with all their high school friends. Jennifer grabbed Alex and yelled out for someone to take their picture and so we quickly snapped this sweet one. What a beautiful image of both of them. They look like twins!

I love Jennifer's joyful, positive spirit. She is such a happy person and there is very little that gets her down. I wish I could be more like her.

Alex is exactly the opposite of Jennifer in that he is quiet and calm. He is always happy and pleasant to be around, he just does not voice his excitement or enthusiasm as much as others. Unless, of course, he is watching a Pittsburgh Penguins game. Then you need to wear earplugs. He will be graduating from Susquehanna University this spring and we couldn't be more proud or excited for him.

This is a picture of my sweet Elizabeth from a few years ago. When she was born, her hair was bright red and we wondered if it would always be that way. We also contemplated whether her temperment might match her hair color. Well, I am happy to say that Elizabeth never did have a fiery personality to match that hair color and it did actually calm to a beautiful auburn color. Although, I really liked the red!

Elizabeth is a calm and gentle daughter. Yes, she has an opinion and lets us know what she is thinking but she is never loud or obnoxious. She has a great sense of humor and is so nice to be around.

This picture is of Matthew and Melissa when they were dating. Yes, Melissa. I went to your blog and borrowed this picture for my blog! Matthew and Melissa met at BYU-I and both graduated in about a year of eachother. We are so proud of both of them and we miss them when they are not here.

It was our turn this year to have Matthew and Melissa at our house for Christmas this year and all of us were beyond excited for them to arrive. But this year was different from two years ago when they last came for the holidays. Max and I agreed that this year there would be no home renovations or repairs before they came because we really wanted to be able to enjoy having our family at home. Everyone knows that when you work on your house, stress, tension and sometimes aggrivation can appear and we did not want that this year. Hence, my house could probably use a little paint and I probably should have dome some fall cleaning but I didn't. I just looked forward to having my whole family at home for 9 glorious days! It was well worth it.

So ends my short trip down picture memory lane. I will try to be more creative with my next entry!

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